The Original Swimming Party sets forth


In early May I performed an improvised ambient show to a classroom full of drawing students at Michaelis, which is part of the University of Cape Town. They drew, we improvised / made noises. I performed the show with the crafty fellows Thomas Glendinning and Greg Abrahams.

Some of it was very pretty, some was quite abstract and noisy. Here’s the initial 10 minutes. Pretty relaxing. You’ll hear lots of pens and pencils darting across paper, plus the sounds we’re making. It ends as we head into the second movement, which was more noise based. At that point Thomas had drawn one of Eno’s Oblique Strategies cards which said the following: “You are an Engineer”. (PS re Oblique Strategies, there’s a great iPhone app for this).

Here’s a wee excerpt of a noisy bit from later…