Johannesburg – 4th – 5th May 2019, 10am – 5.30pm: R2,900

Cape Town – 11th – 12th May 2019, 10am – 5.30pm: R2,400

Bucharest – 29th – 30th June, 10am – 5.30pm: €200

London – 13th – 14th June, 10am – 5.30pm: £190

Thailand – 4th – 6th Sept, 10am – 5.30pm: 15,000 Baht (3 day)

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Join Jeremy de Tolly and Fiona Soma for a 2-day adventure combining TRE® (Trauma and Tension Release Exercises), mantra and voice with leading-edge body-based practices – an invitation towards a life of presence, groundedness, communication, compassion, trust, peace and joy.

You will be safely guided through various crafted and creative practices that move us towards a more relaxed nervous system, an in-tune social engagement and communication system. We will play with tone, song, words, colour, frequency and movement to achieve this, and provide “take home tools” to explore further yourself.

Anyone wanting to increase their enjoyment of life. Anyone who is stressed. Anyone who is not comfortable with their voice or feels “not good enough” when they sing. Anyone who doesn’t feel able to communicate effectively and cohesively in the arenas of work, family, relationships, authority and the bedroom. Anyone who wanting to explore greater freedom in self expression. Anyone in the arts, sales, consulting, facilitating…well most of us! Anyone who wants to be able to be more boundaried and less bullied. Anyone who wants to have healthier communication on all levels with themselves, their loved ones and life itself

Jeremy and Fiona met 16 years ago and have since become trainers of TRE® (Tension/Trauma Release Exercises). They continued their fascination with the tremor mechanism process not just with themselves, but also introducing it to an NGO that supported homeless people in Cape Town, South Africa, a profound 18-month project that offered them both a large dose of humility and compassion. Since, they have both cultivated international careers that are grounded, productive and most importantly bring immense joy and satisfaction. In bringing Electric Heart to the world, they hope to have curated an experience that will bring you to “Home” – that’s the place that feels yummy, delicious, safe and nourishing. From here we can move towards true and healthy expression, towards a life aligned, centred and in integrity. Once we unblock our voice we can communicate in “truth”; once we align to our body’s unique frequency, we can just be, in “truth”.

Finding our tremor mechanism and finding our voice is ia the place where our hearts start singing. We move towards a lighter, more playful and more authentic life, allowing for relationships that hold a rich resonance for growth, regulation and sustainability.

“I found freedom & acceptance in my voice…finally”

“I felt safe to be playful and open with my body”

“It was weird but wonderful to be so out of my mind, but so deeply in my body

“It felt playful to reconnect to places I haven’t been to for 40 years”

“I gained trust in this home in which I live”

“I want to hear my voice, and I like it more and more”

“My dear Fiona and Jeremy!

To have a Electric Heart is to have a open heart. And in order to have a open heart you sometimes need to meet people like the two of you, who creates a safe space and guides you towards opening up in order to embrace all the beautiful, and sometimes painful things the heart, body and mind contains. Little did I know that walking into the workshop in Koh Phangan would make such a huge difference in my life and open up my heart to it’s full extent. The Heart Sutra and TRE shall forever be with me, and so will you. I listen to the heart sutra every day and as I just signed up for a TRE module 1 training in Sweden by the end of the summer. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have given me. I can not wait to meet the both of you again.

All my love, always. 


Fiona specialises in Somatic Health, with a focus on sexuality and relationships. She encourages us to safely explore methods of movement and play with forms of vibration as a way of understanding ourselves better in relation to the world. Through curiosity, we are led through simple, yet healing processes that bring balance back to all body systems.

Fiona is a TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) Global Certification Trainer, presenting in Thailand, Romania and Southern Africa. She practices and teaches Taoist Energy techniques and meditations, and has created ” Nectar – Sexual Wisdom & Alchemy”, a practical, safe and accessible program, practicing the transformation of Jing Chi (sexual energy) for health and lifestyle benefits. She has contributed to Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Shape, Women’s Health and O Magazines.

Fiona has worked, shared and studied with some inspiring people including Master Mantak Chia, Caroline Myss, Wayne Dyer, Bill Kauth , Liz Koch and her TRE® Mentor, Dr David Berceli. In her practice she also includes, Chi Kung, Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist Visceral massage), Kinesiology, Breath work, Psychic Surgery and Craniosacral therapy.

Jeremy is an internationally renowned pianist, singer, composer and performer, as well a TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) practitioner, consciousness and voice coach, energy healer, and mantra and sacred music facilitator. He has won a number of South African music awards, and his seminal ambient piano album Piano Noctures Vol 1 is used on healing workshops around the world.

He’s spent time being both a rock star and a healer, and well knows the perils and joys of both. These days he strives to walk the middle path.

Jeremy has trained with a number of teachers of the consciousness community, including Dr David Berceli, Loch Kelly, Bill Petrie, Jai Uttal, Eckhart Tolle, Dora Dias and Fiona Soma.

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music . mantra . movement . magic . mmmm