Radiant Voices Workshop

Free Your Voice and Feel More Joy


Would you like to know more about how music and the sacred intersect? Would you like to learn to sing or talk to and with groups of people with confidence? Would you like to access joy in life by freeing your voice?

Radiant Voices is a one-day workshop that explores the meeting point of music and spirit, in which we explore singing and self-expression in a safe, collective environment where all voices are welcome. Those who consider themselves tone-deaf or bad singers will quickly discover that they can sing in tune! Ultimately, we explore voice as it meets what is called ‘heart-mind’ in Buddhism, or Oculus Cordis (‘Eyes of the Heart’) in mystical Christianity.

Jeremy is a singer and music producer, energy healer, trauma therapist and workshop facilitator whose life’s work focuses on the meeting point of music and spirit. His work focuses on empowering self-expression and creating safe spaces for collective experiences of joy and sharing. In 2019, he has brought this work to cities on four continents.

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