“As we purify our own consciousness by extricating ourselves from the grosser vibrational planes, we turn back toward the formless. The practice of mantra is a technique for tuning us to those subtler vibrational levels”. (Ram Dass)

Jeremy leads voice and mantra classes.

We explore the empowerment of every voice that arrives. No matter how you feel about your singing voice, here we learn to love and accept it as it is. This is based on the knowledge that everyone is capable of being in key.

It a simple matter of slowing everything down and making it safe. Intermediate and advanced singers will also learn to heal and relax their voices.
We work as a group to “come into harmony” together.

We also explore the use of mantras in a spiritual practice. Mantras are collections of words that have been gathered together for a specific purpose – usually for the advancement of consciousness in some shape or form. In my experience they are the perfect combination of powerful and fun.


“I whole-heartedly encourage anyone drawn to the healing and transcendent qualities of sacred sound to explore Jeremy’s offering.” Nicol

“A quieting and nourishing practice in intentional community. Jeremy’s beautiful rendition of the Heart Sutra and his deep knowledge of both music and healing create an accessible, integrated and safe space for all voices and spirits to soar.” Emma

“I was definitely a little fearful, as I have never sung, and don’t like my speaking or singing voice. Jeremy explained on the first evening, that Mantra had nothing to to do with “voice” per se, which assisted in relaxing me into the little adventure ahead. 66 minutes of heart sutra, simply saying, chanting, toning 5 easy to learn lines that we could sneak a look at (on a paper) when we wanted, so as not to feel silly for not remembering the words. The words’ meanings (explained briefly by Jeremy) offer a sense of “expansion”, and felt ultimately for me a sense of “returning” – I am still exploring what exactly that means, but as I keep practising I feel a gentle joy – especially the day after the practice 🙏🏽” FL

“I love singing but I’ve always been shy and uncomfortable doing it in front of others and exploring it. This workshop gave me the space to explore my vocal range and in front of others in a way that my insecurities didn’t get the better of me: a total win of an experience. I do a fair amount of meditation and I often struggle to clear my mind and not be bombarded by thoughts. This singing mantra is the first form of meditation where my mind stayed clear throughout. It was such a relieving, peaceful and satisfying; to the point I found myself smiling and actually having a good time. Totally recommend exploring this.” A

“For me….Last week’s Mantra evening was a surprisingly beautiful experience ! A place to enter into a collective energy field to raise the consciousness through chanting with a group of lovely strangers…thus bringing one pointed attention to the ever present sacredness of the Now. I found myself just simply being …..and the minds chatter after awhile became calm with the mantra through the sound of one’s own voice…..mingled with all the other harmonics.” Desi

Below hear a demo of The Heart Sutra, which is one of the mantras we explore: