The 3-month Radiant Voices program is an online singing program where I mentor students into the regular joy of singing. The practices are at the meeting point of spirit and sound.

Just about everyone I know is blocked in singing and self-expression – my objective is to gently mentor you through your blocks, enabling you to be more confident, joyful and free.

The program involves weekly Zoom sessions and self-practice.

I work with a limited number of students and am operating a waiting list. Please email me to be put on the waiting list.

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Radiant Voice

Singing as a devotional practice
Group singing – creating space for others
Singin and the emotional body – vulnerability
Singing from the heart
Singing with the whole body
Singing from the ground of being
Creating safe or sacred space
Singing and group singing as ceremony
Chakra Singing

Vocal technique

Overcoming vocal blocks
How to breath when singing
Vocal exercises – developing strength, stamina, reliability
Vagal Toning
Knowing and improving range, meeting the mixed voice
Ways of improving the ‘hipness’ of your vocal style while staying authentic
Navigating the 1000 techniques you’ll find on the internet
The anatomy of singing
Neuro-biology and the poly-vagal theory
Vocal dexterity – intervals

Performance technique

How to rehearse songs
Marking up lyrics in a song to prepare for singing
Song and vocal dynamics
Preparing set lists
Stage technique
Microphone technique
Managing and embracing fear when performing
Self-review processes