The 4 Keys to Healing Your Voice

Stop judging what you say and how you sing, and start expressing yourself with confidence, clarity and heart.


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In One Hour You'll Learn


How You Can Heal and Empower Your Speaking or Singing Voice

Grow in social confidence and trust your voice in a way that positively impacts
all areas of your life.

The Most Effective Way to Release Fear of Being Visible

Explore, understand and release the underlying issues that are holding you back from being heard in the world.

Tools to Rediscover and Nurture a Voice That You Love and Want to Share

Learn simple daily practices to guide you back to vocal confidence and freedom.

How to Share Your Magic With the World

Stop hiding and playing small and learn how to share your gifts, insights and message with the world.  

To Sing in Tune and Love Your Voice

Fall in love with singing again, and learn how to sing reliably in tune. Overcome your fear of being heard.

The Doubts You Feel About Your Ability to Speak or Sing Can Be Transformed

  • Do you experience stress and anxiety when speaking to groups of people?
  • Do you feel insecure and beat yourself up for not singing well enough?
  • Do you have issues speaking in intimate relationships, expressing what you want or don't want – clearly and kindly?
  • Are you struggling to put your voice out into the world - in your work, your creativity or online?
  • Are you longing to find your voice?

Restore and unblock with a proven system for learning to speak and sing with confidence.  

Join me to learn simple and powerful tools to liberate your voice!

Have You Said Any of These Things?


I Want the Freedom to Speak My Truth and Let it Flow

In this Workshop you'll learn the process and tools to start speaking your truth. 

I Would Love to Feel Comfortable and Safe When in a Group, Not Afraid.

In this Workshop we come together and you will see that you are not the only one who has this fear. We practice feeling safe in groups, starting with people that are just like us!

I Want to Feel Confident, Allowing My Messages and Voice to Help Others

Most of us at some point lost our ability to confidently and freely express ourselves. We cover how we can go back to these moments, clear them of their negative charge and replace them with positive beliefs. 

I Want To Feel Heard and Understood

Connection is so important to us all. In this Workshop we learn to speak our truth in intimate relationships clearly and kindly giving us the greatest chance of being heard and understood and building deeper connections.  

I Want To Trust and Enjoy My Singing Voice

Most of us carry judgement and embarrassment around our singing voice. In this workshop we'll explore a positive, healing approach to singing that is for everyone!

This Online Workshop is a Must Attend if:

  • You second guess yourself when using your voice, and you feel remorse after expressing yourself... like you've done something 'not good enough' or done something wrong.
  • You’ve ever been made to feel as though your voice is either “too little” or “too much”. Sometimes you wish you'd said more, or sometimes you wish you'd not said anything at all.
  • Your voice is unreliable, or when you get emotional it lets you down.
  • You feel as if your voice has been shut down for a lifetime and you’re ready to set it free.

Got questions? I've got answers 👇🏾 


I'm here to support you to feel safe and even bold, to express yourself fully in the world. 

I've trained in multiple psychological and trauma informed practices that led me to discover and develop the methods that I now teach. I've also spent a lifetime on stages singing, succeeding and failing, and bring all of these learnings to my work. They have made all the difference to both me and my clients in learning to fearlessly share their unique magic with the world.

This brand new online workshop is a community event for exploring the tools I've developed.

Come and join the community to explore your speaking and singing voice. In the process I hope you'll deepen your sense of freedom and confidence in your expression!

Commit to show up for a few simple, playful, and effective daily practices. Release that feeling of a closed up throat or a body that shuts down. Practice letting your unique, powerful self shine through.

I can't wait to see you at the workshop. 

Jeremy de Tolly 

Q: Are you  tired of standing on the side, watching others express themselves fully in the world?