"The essence of our teaching is to find your midline – the authentic you – the you that expresses and communicates in truth – both in voice and in sexuality. Powerful and profound connection can be achieved between the pelvic bowl and the throat centre."

WORKSHOP - 12 - 14 FEBRUARY 2020

Embody Right Now

● Nervous system regulation with TRE®

● Vagus nerve toning - Breathwork, Massage, Chi Kung, Sound & Movement

● Internal hydration and re-organization of fascia or connective tissue 

Voice-Heart-Genital Connection

● Taoist sexual energy practices

● Connected breath and Sound

● Psoas (Fight, Flight, Freeze) muscle Regulation


Authentic Voice

● Set your voice free with Vocal Liberation practices

● Vocal fold massage, jaw and tongue release exercises

● Easy, open and boundaried communication in relationship 

Jeremy and Fiona

Jeremy and Fiona have worked together for 16 years. They both teach transformation in a grounded, safe, productive and most importantly joyful way. 

Fiona is a somatic sexuality educator, multi-disciplinary healer, and global TRE® certification trainer.

Jeremy is a musician and healer focused on liberating voices via energy medicine, awakening practices, TRE® and embodiment. 


The Sanctuary, Koh Phangan, Thailand


Three days: ฿12,500 ● Early bird - ฿11,000 before 12 January 2020

Single days: ฿4,500 ● Early bird - ฿4,000 before 12 January 2020

Session 1: 10:30am - 13:00pm

Session 2: 15:00pm - 18:30pm

* please note this does not include food, travel or accommodation.

* PS this is a clothed event - no nudity. Not suitable for pregnant women.

"Hi Jeremy and Fiona. That was an amazing experience with you two. How you instantly created an atmosphere of love, kindness, and understanding was beautiful. It was great to work with you! I have found my voice again and it feels wonderful to use it."

Düsseldorf, Germany

"Fiona & Jeremy thank you for all your work, for your gentle yet firm guidance, highly intuitive and supported. Thank you both for the beauty to be myself, breath, live and move genuinely in this life! What a juicy, yummy way to be! "

Bucharest, Romania

"Little did I know that walking into the workshop in Koh Phangan would make such a huge difference in my life and open up my heart to it's full extent. I can not wait to meet the both of you again. "

Oslo, Norway

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