Next workshop: August 10th and 11th 2024

Radiant Presence Workshop

Powerful Persuasive Communication Mastery: Transforming Timid Individuals Into Extraordinary Communicators

The Radiant Presence workshop is hosted LIVE in Zoom from 12  to 2 PM (EST) over a weekend (August 10th and 11th 2024). It will teach the core practices for better speaking in groups, video and audio presentations, more courageous self-marketing, overcoming crippling self-doubt when in the public eye or fear of visibility, and heart-centered sales approaches.

Kindly note: Sessions will be recorded and available to watch after the workshop - you don't have to attend live.

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Are you tired of being on the sidelines, watching others shine in the spotlight?

Do you have valuable ideas to share with the world but find yourself blocked, hesitant, and unable to communicate effectively?

If you've been avoiding the limelight, dreading public speaking, running away from cameras and audio recordings, or feeling uncomfortable in group and one-on-one interactions.

I understand.


Why I Created
The Radiant Presence Workshop

You see, I've been in your shoes. I've hidden in the shadows, felt too afraid to put my work out there, and judged myself harshly every step of the way. 

I’ve experienced anxiety, depression, a lack of confidence, and major imposter syndrome. All of which deeply affected my ability to show up as my authentic self in my working and personal life.

I understand the pain, the struggle, and the relentless perfectionism and self-judgment that can hold you back. My journey, much like yours, has been marked by these struggles.


Jeremy de Tolly presenting his course Awaken Your Radiant Voice
Jeremy de Tolly singing in front of thousands of people

To help myself, I delved deeply into the realms of voice and trauma. I've since studied energy work and healing extensively, coaching thousands of individuals in finding their voices and confidently sharing their work with the world. 

I’ve never forgotten what it’s like to feel that fragile and lost. But my own experiences, challenges, and path through the fire solidified my belief that it’s my role to guide others through the same. 


Introducing the Radiant Presence Workshop

August 10th and 11th 2024 from 12 to 2 PM (EST)

Welcome to the path of becoming a powerhouse communicator, both personally and professionally. If you're tired of letting your fears and uncertainties hold you back, it's time to break free, shine bright, and make the impact you were born for. The Radiant Presence Workshop is not just a course; it's your personal revolution, and it's about transforming your life in extraordinary ways.


Who is this Workshop For?

The Radiant Presence Workshop is tailored to meet the needs of leaders, entrepreneurs, facilitators, course creators, and individuals in business or at work who recognize the significance of effective communication. 

It's perfect for:

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Ready to shine as an influential and inspiring leader, captivating your team and peers with your ideas and charisma.

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Looking to level up your facilitation and training skills, ensuring your workshops and presentations are unforgettable experiences.

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Eager to supercharge your business by establishing a powerful personal brand and delivering compelling pitches.

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Aiming to communicate your course content with absolute clarity and effectiveness, ensuring your students thrive on your expertise.


Your Transformation Journey Starts Here

By enrolling in the Radiant Presence Workshop,
you'll gain:

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Bid farewell to your fear of public speaking, camera-shyness, and hesitancy in group and one-on-one interactions.

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Master the art of clear and impactful communication, making sure your message not only gets heard but truly understood.

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Become a captivating communicator who leaves an indelible mark, be it in a boardroom, on stage, or across digital platforms.

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Goodbye Procrastination

Bid farewell to avoiding social media and marketing, and learn how to utilize them to expand your reach and impact.

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Discover your unique voice, ensuring that your communication is not just effective but authentically you.

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Unleash Your Potential

Finally share your invaluable insights and ideas with the world, making a profound impact on those around you.


Workshop Highlights

May 18 and May 19 from 12 to 2 PM (EST)

The Radiant Presence Workshop will teach the core practices for better speaking in groups, video and audio presentations, more courageous self-marketing, overcoming crippling self-doubt when in the public eye or fear of visibility, and heart-centered sales approaches.

The speaking practices include:

  • Nervous system and body-based practices to shift out of fight/flight/freeze and into relaxed, radiant confidence.
  • Breathing and Meditation exercises for clarity of message, having perspective and wisdom.
  • Practices for doing video, audio and photo shoots better. Looking better, speaking better and sounding good.
  • Methods for handling high-impact, high-anxiety events.
  • Practical boundary work for feeling less vulnerable.
  • Profound methods for deconditioning patterns that sabotage your ability to speak, market and sell yourself. Overcome self-doubt, perfectionism and procrastination.
  • Re-conditioning strategies for confident, warm and clear speaking, self-marketing, and selling.
  • Practical methods to stop overthinking or avoiding social media, recording videos, advertising yourself and closing sales.
  • Heart-centered selling – close more deals and feel good while doing it.
  • Heart centred communication.



Master Heart-Centered Communication (video course plus practices)

Please Note

  • Sessions will be recorded - you don’t have to attend live.
  • Recordings will be available for 1 month after the workshop.
  • You will receive PDF notes and workbooks for all of the sections.
  • Meditation and practice audios will be available for streaming afterwards.
  • Group practices will be available for streaming on video afterwards.

Unlock Your Voice and Shine

It's high time you shatter those barriers that have been holding you back and start sharing your radiant self with the world. The Radiant Presence Workshop isn't just a workshop; it's your ticket to becoming a charismatic, confident, and impactful communicator, no matter what's held you back in the past.



Tasha Blank

DJ & Dance Catalyst

"Working with Jeremy revealed the hidden blocks that my work with other coaches hadn't even touched… supported me in putting my voice into the world with my most successful business launch ever!"

Cynthia Brandon

Marvellous Mondays Podcast

"I'm comfortable speaking up or taking up space in places where maybe before I would have drawn back, including starting my podcast!"

Selena Soo

Publicity and marketing expert

"I can't thank Jeremy enough for helping me uplevel my public speaking! He's pointed out my blindspots, and helped me communicate with more warmth, presence and power."

Nicky Mendenhall

Psychotherapist and Writer

"What Jeremy taught us in class slowed down and for the most part eliminated the reluctance I experienced about speaking in front of people."

Stacy Mitchell

"I had no idea just how transformative the experience would be and how many unconscious and subconscious blocks his expert guidance would uncover and help me to heal. I cannot thank Jeremy enough for having the vision and courage to bring this class into being. Invest in yourself - you are worth it!"

Dayle Lauren


"Since taking his course I have been able to come out of hiding behind my own painful self-consciousness and into becoming more visible. If you are ready to break the chains and declare "No More!” to playing small, I highly recommend Jeremy and his offerings!"

Lukasz Kruk

Men's Group Leader

"With Jeremy, I learned better techniques for the authentic expression of my voice, and use my body to speak with confidence and power."

Élodi Vedha

Entrepreneur, California

"It feels dramatic every time I say Jeremy changed my life, yet it’s true. I am grateful most of all for an environment where I felt truly seen and heard. Holding space for others is his superpower, but his ability to help me expand myself is such a gift."

Olivier de Quelen


"I cannot overstate the impact that working with Jeremy de Tolly has had on my life. Thanks to Jeremy's unwavering guidance and support, I’m on track to enjoying a deep sense of joy and abundance in all areas of my life."