"What appears to be in the way, is the way"

Thomas Hübl


Free your blocked speaking or singing voice


Coaching for waking up and thriving in ordinary life


Learn this body-based technique to overcome anxiety, depression and trauma

Frequently Asked Questions

Private Voice sessions focus on unblocking speaking and/or singing voices.

People who feel that they can’t sing or have a blocked voice can regain the confident, playful singing voice they had as a child. This can then be honed and trained to be a resilient, powerful voice.

Recovering the singing voice liberates us and brings us home to creativity, spontaneity and can be a beautiful spiritual path.

These sessions also investigate and empower the spoken voice. Group communication skills improve, as well as spoken boundaries, creating space for authentic, heart-based expression.

People who struggle with speaking and/or singing confidence have specific wounding that creates and perpetuates this. The good news is that this wounding can be healed and overcome.

Transformation Coaching is ongoing one on one work where Jeremy supports his clients in awakening and stabilizing in consciousness.

Practices include:

  • Heart-Based Awareness and Transformation Coaching
  • TRE® (Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises) and other body-based practices
  • Energy Healing
  • Shamanic practices
  • Vocal Liberation, Music, Singing and Self Expression


Sessions focus on the following:

  • Waking up in daily life, coming home to the body
  • Direct path meditation and heart-centered, embodied awareness
  • Dealing with emotions and triggers
  • How to live a deeply enjoyable life while being grounded and real
  • Sane relationships and overcoming long-term patterns
  • Stress reduction
  • Trauma recovery and embodiment

TRE® is short for Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises. It is a body-based technique for releasing trauma that is practiced worldwide. Jeremy has been a TRE® practitioner since 2010.

"I started working with Jeremy because of two major issues - my voice and self expression, that affected me since I was 15 years old. First, I always wanted to be able to sing, or at least sing the right notes, which was beyond my abilities as far back as I can remember. Second and more importantly, I realized that my ability for self-expression decreases dramatically in situations where I get emotionally negatively affected, which leads to a feeling of being disempowered. With Jeremy I learned quickly to understand how/which emotional & energetic blockages affect my self expression and techniques to unblock and train my voice. It led me to a deeper awareness of myself and I feel more confident in both speaking and singing."

Ilja Simon
Entrepreneur and Music Producer

"Because of my traumatic experience in early child development, I always had trouble with the way I expressed myself vocally in the world. With Jeremy, I learned better techniques for opening the organic expression of my voice and feeling it from the full-body experience and use it with confidence and power. It enhanced my life on the energetical level and permitted me to take ownership of my voice, trusting it, allowing to lead me during uncomfortable situations in life. Trully I feel more than grateful to have my voice back in place, thanks to Jeremy's masterful guidance and passion in supporting people in their journeys. "

Lukasz Kruk
Watsu Therapist, Bodyworker and Men's Group Leader


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