Turn a blocked or insecure voice into your superpower 

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Do you have a shut-down speaking or singing voice?

"A blocked voice can limit work opportunities, impact relationships deeply, and stop you bringing your beautiful gifts into the world"
"I'm just so glad I got to work with Jeremy and leave my fear behind, and now I'm really sharing my voice online on a bigger scale."

Eileen V - Breathing Teacher

Inner light teacher
Meditation, conscious yogic movement, breathwork and sound bath


Ilja Simon

Entrepreneur and Music Producer

I started working with Jeremy because my voice and self expression have been shut down since I was 15 years old.
First, I felt I couldn't sing. Second and more importantly, I realized that my self-expression decreases dramatically in situations where I get emotional, which leads to a feeling of being disempowered.

With Jeremy I learned quickly to understand the emotional & energetic blockages that affect my self-expression, and techniques to unblock and train my voice. It led me to a deeper awareness of myself and I feel more confident in both speaking and singing.


Does your voice freeze and let you down when in front of groups of people? Is your voice unreliable?


Does your voice sabotage your professional life? Do you lack confidence? Do you struggle to show up online?


Do you struggle to sing in tune? Are you insecure about your singing voice or terrified to sing in front of people?

The truth is you can liberate your voice.

You don't have to do it all on your own. 

Learning to empower and love your voice is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

Lukasz Kruk

Watsu Therapist, Bodyworker and Men's Group Leader

Because of my traumatic experience in early child development, I always had trouble with the way I expressed myself vocally in the world. With Jeremy, I learned better techniques for the authentic expression of my voice, and use my body to speak with confidence and power. It permitted me to take ownership of my voice, trusting it, allowing to lead me during uncomfortable situations in life.
Truly I feel more than grateful to have my voice back in place, thanks to Jeremy's masterful guidance and passion in supporting people in their journeys.