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20 September 2022

Liberating Voices to Speak Your Truth

"Have you ever second-guessed yourself after closing a conversation? Leaving a meeting? Maybe you found yourself picking apart everything you said, worried you'd looked silly.

Jeremy de Tolly is here on the podcast today to help you understand why this happens, and how overcoming it can help you express yourself in the most radiant, confident, sparkly unicorn way.

Whether you struggle to speak up for yourself or if you've ever dreamed of a TEDX talk, this is the podcast episode for you."

June 2022

"How Speaking Up Can Save Your Life", Rare Diseases Magazine

"A ‘blocked voice’ lets us down when difficult conversations need to happen. We don't express ourselves, or we can’t articulate what’s made us upset or what just feels wrong.

Then we internalise those negative, stuck emotions. For many of us, these conversations then run inside our heads day after day.

The results of internalising stress are not limited to mental anxiety or depression. Indeed, when negative feelings are stuck inside us, it can be toxic to our physiology and health too.

Dr Gabor Maté, a world-renowned trauma expert, quotes a Longitudinal Study in the USA in which women in unhappy marriages were studied over ten years. One of the factors that they found is that women who didn't express their emotions in unhappy marriages were four times more likely to contract a dread disease."

3 November 2020

Liberating Voices to Speak Your Truth

"Shellee-Kim Gold hosting Jeremy de Tolly, who is an internationally renowned pianist, singer, composer and performer, as well a TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) practitioner, consciousness and voice coach, energy healer, and mantra and sacred music facilitator. He has won a number of South African music awards, and his seminal ambient piano album Piano Nocturnes Vol 1 is used on healing workshops around the world."

30 September 2020

Divorce, Money, Emotions & Me Interview Series

"We will hear from Jeremy Nicholas de Tolly where he shares his wisdom of how our default trauma responses impact how we share our voice. Learn tools to free your voice to become a collaborator and communicator in your relationship. Turning relationships into a place of safety, connection and understanding vs a place to hide or react in fear."

4 March 2020

Vocal Liberation, Chanting and Mantra on the Yoga South Africa Podcast

"Have you ever gone to a yoga class and have feared chanting Om? If your answer is "yes" - you are not the only one! In this episode, we invited Jeremy de Tolly on to the podcast to share his work as a vocal empowerment coach. Through our discussion we explore identifying vocal blockages, trauma as well as how you can start a vocal practice at home.

Vocal Liberation is a step by step process through which to transform your voice into your greatest asset. Meet and release your core wounds and energetic blocks around self-expression and build a voice you love from deep foundations of yogic breath, body awareness, tension release and play."