Here are just a few testimonials from students from my courses, workshops and private sessions with me.

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Eileen V - Breathing Teacher

Inner light teacher
Meditation, conscious yogic movement, breathwork and sound bath



""...there have been such massive healings and breakthroughs for me along the way, with generous grace in the courteously kind, supportive and compassionate space that you hold. You really are a great teacher and healer.
With deep gratitude."

-Stuart Barnes (CEO, Escalate Coaching)

Ilja Simon

Entrepreneur and Music Producer

I started working with Jeremy because my voice and self expression have been shut down since I was 15 years old. 
First, I felt I couldn't sing. Second and more importantly, I realized that my self-expression decreases dramatically in situations where I get emotional, which leads to a feeling of being disempowered.

With Jeremy I learned quickly to understand the emotional & energetic blockages that affect my self-expression, and techniques to unblock and train my voice. It led me to a deeper awareness of myself and I feel more confident in both speaking and singing.

Lukasz Kruk

Watsu Therapist, Bodyworker and Men's Group Leader

Because of my traumatic experience in early child development, I always had trouble with the way I expressed myself vocally in the world. With Jeremy, I learned better techniques for the authentic expression of my voice, and use my body to speak with confidence and power. It permitted me to take ownership of my voice, trusting it, allowing to lead me during uncomfortable situations in life.
Truly I feel more than grateful to have my voice back in place, thanks to Jeremy's masterful guidance and passion in supporting people in their journeys.

Aryn Guiney - Heart-centered copywriter and TRE® provider

"I've noticed so many changes in my voice during and after Awaken Your Radiant Voice. I’ve noticed how my actual vocal muscles are strengthening and developing a richness which is really enjoyable to work with in terms of expressing myself. The shift in what's just pouring out of me is remarkable. A big change that I've noticed in my confidence is speaking up about things, my needs, issues that maybe I would have just kept quiet about before and would have remained and niggled for years and just being more out there in every way – and a brighter version of who I am and what I stand for. And what I want, and what I want to see in the world!"


Cindy Brandon - Marvelous Mondays Podast

"I would definitely, definitely, definitely recommend Awaken Your Radiant Voice. The program is amazing, the tools are amazing but I think it wouldn't be what it is without Jeremy. He's really present, really engaged. He really participates in the process. And you could tell that he really cares about people and he really cares about you as a individual. So I definitely, definitely would recommend the program. I can really see a difference in the way that I present myself to the world."

Barbara Paver - Teacher & Writer

"The problems that I had with my voice is that I didn't have a voice or I didn't believe I had a voice. Now I feel more confident with my voice and I'm actually starting to love the sound of my voice. The changes that I've noticed is the confidence to show up as I am. The confidence to be comfortable if I blurt or I make a mistake when speaking. That I don't feel flustered. I can actually just take a deep breath, gain my momentum and just express what I need to say. I think it definitely would help anyone, even in a senior position to just find their confidence in speaking to a broader audience and it would enhance people to just really say what they mean. "


Ze - Musician & Artist

"I've been going to singing lessons, but still, my throat was tight, I felt nervous and I knew that my issues were deeper than just doing scales. And I needed, my soul craved to have a more spiritual focus, because I believe spirituality is very intrinsically linked with the voice and that's why I was very, very interested when I came across your work and even up until the last minute, I was very like, oh, should I or shouldn't I? I mean, I don't even have a job right now, but I was like, fuck it. Why not? You know what, it's fine. It's absolutely fine, I'll be poor and then this will enrich me and who knows what will happen? And it did!"

Chimmy Anderson

"Would I recommend Awaken Your Radiant Voice as a course for someone with the vocal blocks? Definitely. Without a doubt. I think it's beautiful. Thank you. Jeremy as a teacher holds a very important space for people to connect to what's true for them. What I love about the way he teaches is there's no threat, fear and control whatsoever. He relaxes the people in the class immediately. And he opens the space for authenticity and gives complete permission for that. He absolutely, spoken and unspoken, gives full permission for the integrity and the intelligence of the person participating in the course to come through. That's worth millions."