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E034 - How to Wake Up & Heal in 2021

awakening trauma waking up Oct 19, 2020

Here's my take on what 'best practice' is for waking up, healing, and thriving in 2021. In essence, it's my opinion on how to develop a sense of harmony and wellbeing while living this wild, beautiful and rather short human life!

Get ready to give me your opinion on whether this rings true for you. Start warming up those typing fingers right now

Hello there!

Welcome to this blog where we are going to dive into the path to healing and waking up in 2021. How to do all the things leading to feeling good in 2021.

Now why 2021? Because – I think things are evolving. Things are changing. We're understanding new things. And while I hate this term, there's probably a kind of 'blunt cutting edge' to this that is worth looking at and paying attention. If nothing else, I'm going to put out a big fat, hairy opinion here and you can decide if you think what I'm saying is interesting or true, or maybe you've got some other input to share about what it looks like to wake up, heal...

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E033 - About Awaken Your Radiant Voice

Awaken Your Radiant Voice is my 9 week signature online course for liberating voices. If you're curious about what and how I teach, and what it can do for your voice, enjoy the blog or watch the episode!

So in this video, I'm going to be diving a little deep into Awaken Your Radiant Voice, the beautiful nine week online course that I facilitate.

Now before you run for the hills, I'm going to make this kind of interesting, and I really want to just talk from my heart about what this course is, what it does, and why I love teaching it.

So I'm just going to make a bold claim here: what it aims to do is change the course of a person's life through their voice, through unblocking their voice. Now you know it's incredible the degree to which our voices determine what happens in our lives –  when we go to a party, or when we're in a work meeting, or whether we show up in the world being willing to say, "Hey, this is what I do, this is what I care...

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E032 - How to Put Yourself Out There (Be Authentically Extra)

vocal liberation Sep 28, 2020

Would you like to show up more in your world? Do you feel like you might be hiding, but want to put yourself out there? Are you ready to be authentically extra?!

Get ready to stretch the conditioning that keeps you playing small: enjoy the blog or watch the episode!


Hi, welcome to this episode about how to put yourself out there in the world, with full force or with full confidence ! I'm going to say this is not easy. But I'm going to talk about some of the steps that I've gone through and some of my clients have gone through in this act of liberating our voices in the world.

One of the first things I want to say, though, is that a really important first step, is focusing. Getting a little bit quiet beforehand. And knowing what we're going to say and why. So I'm going to just take a little deep breath, as we're hanging out together.

Getting a little bit more grounded, a little bit more present. So I think one of the most powerful things that I've done at times in my...

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E031 - How to be Happier in Life (Sing with Confidence)

vocal liberation Sep 21, 2020

Most of us have a dysfunctional relationship with our singing voice. It's never good enough, and we long ago lost the joy of singing for fun. In fact, our whole culture has taught us that only a chosen few are 'singers', and that the rest of us have ugly, undesirable voices.

Reclaim the joy of singing: enjoy the blog or watch the episode.


Why don't you sing every day?

I'm just going to remind you – go back to being five years old, when you danced and sang and played, and you were just a crazy little fool, with no sense of having to be perfect or no sense of what a good voice sounds like. It just came out and there was one emotion that predominated. It was joy. You had joy when you sang.

And then you got older, and it stopped being joyful. So what happened? And the real question is, most of us want more joy. We spend our whole lives trying to minimize stress and buy nice things and go for walks or go for a run, or see people to feel better. And at the bottom of...

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E030 - Shut Down Voices (What to do if your Voice is "Too Little")

Do you speak too little, or does your voice shut down in social or work situations? Is your voice unreliable, so when you're triggered or emotional it lets you down? Do you hide online - in your social media or online presence? If any of these resonate, you may have a "too little" voice – enjoy the blog or watch the episode to learn how to uplevel your voice!

Well, hello there. Welcome to this blog about "too little" voices.

What are we talking about here? We're talking about the voices that shut down at parties. We're talking about the voices that hide online. We're talking about the ones that disappear or freeze during an argument.

Are you one of those? Do you know some of those? Do you have some of those in your family? So we're going to be talking about what I'm going to call a polarity of voices. Last week's episode was about "too much" voices. Today we're going to be talking about "too little" voices. And there is of course a continuum all the way between...

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E029 - What to do if you Talk Too Much (and then Shut Down)

Welcome to this episode, which explores voices that are "too much". These include blurters, or binge-voices that let it all out and then shut down afterwards. I work with a lot of clients and students in ym courses that have this polarity of voices. It's opposite is a "too little" voice, that doesn't speak up for itself and tends to withdraw.

Enjoy the blog or watch the episode! 

Hello, and welcome to this episode about voices that are what I might call "too much".

These are voices that flood. It all comes out at once. You could say that there's almost a binge element to it. In other words, we're going to withhold, withhold, withhold, withhold and then BAM! it all comes out. And then when it all comes out, sometimes there's a bit of damage or shaming, and then it's time to shut down again.

So, before I go any further, I really just want to drop in my body, and get a little bit more connected and speak from the heart and say that I'm going to talk a lot about some of the...

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E028 - The Energetic and Neurological Effects of Social Media

Welcome to this episode, which explores social media from an energetic and neurophysiological point of view. It also looks at the incredible opportunities that social media can open up for (in spite of the downsides).

Read the blog or watch the episode! 

So, welcome. How do you feel about social media? Are you even clear about how you feel about social media? Because I'm going to guess that you're ambivalent at many, many levels, you've got many feelings and on the one side, you might be on it a lot and there might be a feeling of regret in there too, or that something's not quite right.

So join me as we do a deep dive into the energetic and neuro-physiological effects of social media. And also what you can do if you want to go deeper with it because you kind of have to for your business and you know, it's part of your future. So, before we go any further, if you can just subscribe there's a little bell button below that says subscribe for those of you watching on...

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E027 - It's OK to not know

Welcome to this episode, which is about uncertainty, doubt and not knowing.

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This is all about not getting fixed ideas in your head and what to do with your huge political opinion and your opinion about government and your fear and rage about the people to the left of you who are just too radical and the people to the right of you who are conservative and scary... And... what on earth are we supposed to do with all of this?

Let's take a deep breath together. 

I'm going to begin by saying, as I ground into my feet and I invite you to feel your feet wherever they are (whether they're on the floor, or tucked under you on a seat), I'm inviting us to drop into our body and be here. Just be here for a moment. If you've just come from YouTube or come from somewhere else on your computer or your phone, and you've been scrolling a lot and you're a bit unconscious, this is a perfect opportunity to come home.

Let's be here.

Let's stop speeding.


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E026 - Listen to Ambient Music – Release Anxiety and feel Grounded

Welcome to you, to here to this channel, to this moment, to this exact moment, as we begin, let's just get feet on the ground, really feeling the lower halves of our bodies. Today, we are gonna talk about one of the greatest hacks for shifting the state of one's nervous system and getting out of feeling nervous or sad. And that is, using music to down regulate or up regulate your nervous system.

Read the blog below or watch the video!

I'm gonna say, before we go any further, please subscribe to this channel, click the bell. I will know it at some deep level that you've just done that and it'll give me this minute habit of dopamine and I'll be very glad. Thank you. Okay, so let's get into this. You will know that music shifts your state. But I think it's quite useful to do a deeper investigation into this, exactly what States does it create? Now for those of us who have a tendency to get into a bit of fight or flight, in other words, get this sympathetic nervous system activation...

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E025 - The Power of Silence

This week's blog doesn't really work as a written blog... it's all in the video.

Let me know if it spoke to you.

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