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E010 - How to unblock your throat chakra

radiant voices Apr 04, 2020

Hello, friend 

In today's episode we're going to be investigating the throat chakra, and more specifically, about how it is that one can go from having an open, clear beautiful voice as a young person, as a little child or baby, into emerging as an adult with blocks and the inability to sing and or speak with freedom.  Watch the video, or read about it in the blog, posted below: 

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Right. Let's go back to that little person. So how does a freely expressing child, baby or young person, who cries when they need to, and...

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E009 - How to choose a healer, therapist or teacher

Uncategorized Mar 28, 2020

Hello there

So in today's episode we are going to be looking at how to choose a healer therapist or teacher. Watch the video, or read about it in the blog, posted below:

I’m going to be talking specifically how to heal and thrive in the most direct way while avoiding the potential cul-de-sacs, pitfalls and even traumatic experiences that can set a person back years or even decades if they do work with, dare I say it, the wrong person or get into the wrong hands. In this particular episode we're going to look at questions for teachers or a therapist that one can ask and ethical guidelines and standards that are worth knowing. It's probably, or rather it is almost definitely, a very good idea to get streetwise to enjoy a smoother path of healing and definitely a smoother path than mine and many other people that I know - yeah it’s just that there are pitfalls and cul-de-sacs and I'm going to talk a little bit about how those have come to be and where you tend to find them...

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E008 - How to sing in tune reliably, for the rest of your life

Hello friends

Welcome to another episode. In this episode I'll be delving deep into one very simple thing and that is how to sing in tune for the rest of your life, reliably.

Watch the video, or read about it in the blog, posted below:

So that's quite a big promise but I feel confident that in time we'll at least be able to lay out the groundwork you'd need to do to be able to do this for the rest of your life and I'm just going to begin by saying that, in my experience no one is tone deaf but it's just a little bit like some people got thrown out of the birthday party at age six or eight or twelve and stopped singing and stopped believing they could sing. Sometimes they got told they couldn't or shouldn't sing and it's a question of creating a safe space for them to rediscover this beautiful facility and develop trust in it for the rest of their lives.

Before we go any further I would love it if you would click Subscribe - if this kind of material about releasing voices and...

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E007 - Releasing voices and healing blocks

Hey Lovely Folk

So this is going to be another episode of unplanned, unscripted communication.

Watch the video, or read about it in the blog, posted below:

As you can see I'm sitting on a tropical island, it’s been raining a little bit, kind of windy and here we are.

I wanted to share with you a little bit about what it's like doing the work releasing voices, making music on this island; I'm down in the southeast at a place called The Sanctuary Thailand. A beautiful retreat venue. So, people come here to heal and detox - and sometimes retox - but really what I come here to do is run a workshop, which I'll be doing tomorrow for three days with my wonderful colleague Fiona Soma but I'm also doing one-on-ones and leading meditations and leading music evenings and it's pretty awesome. There's a lot of barefoot walking down sandy paths with Indian minor birds chirruping in there in the trees and then there's just the work really, and just to share what it's like, I'd love to...

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E006 - How your voice can bring you confidence and joy

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2020

Hi loves,

This blog was shot in my bungalow in Thailand - I'm here for 2 weeks running workshops, private sessions and sharing music.

 Watch the video:

Or read the blog here:

Today we're going to be investigating some mindset shifts around our voices that are worth exploring .

And the first one goes like this:

"I can heal my social engagement system, I can feel safe in front of and around a lot of people."

So here's the thing, we have this amazing thing called our ventral vagal nervous system and it's said to be one of the most developed parts of our nervous system. One of the things that it regulates is our relationships with other people and our feelings of safety around other humans. It's an amazing set of nerves that descends out of the brain, visits our voice-box, has plenty of contact with our heart and then even more with our gut, tummy and abdomen.

So it's really important for regulating how we feel at any given moment but most specifically, for those of us who...

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E005 - No filter: an experiment with unconditioned voice

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2020

Hi loves,

This vlog was a total experiment. The backstory is that producing weekly video content takes a lot of time. And I knew I needed to change the way I was doing it. So this episode happened by accident. I asked myself what would happen if I just spoke from the heart with no script.

When I went to the camera I thought I was doing a quick test. I got there, breathed and suddenly knew I was going to just let it happen in real-time, with no fixed destination.

As you can see in the video, fear arose.

But deep inner quiet and spaciousness surrounded that fear. It also felt like a loving act to pitch up and be present and vulnerable.

The end of the story is that while my first video took me 6 days to complete, this one took an hour including editing. Hallelujah!

This blog is about empowered, free self-expression. It's about taking risks and building the courage to emerge into the world as your powerful, free and beautiful self. It's about being unsure, a little bit clueless and...

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E004 - The joy of liberating voices (convo with Courtney Cutchins)

Uncategorized Jan 24, 2020

 This blog is all about the joy of liberating voices – it's a great conversation between two vocal coaches with a focus on body and heart-based singing.

There are lots of tips on working with your body to unblock vocal freedom (and enjoy singing more), plus how to breathe when singing and more.

Courtney Cutchins of Seadragon Songhouse is both a wonderful human and a somatic voice trainer and singer who has great body-based information on how to sing with freedom. 

Like me, she's also a heart-based practitioner, so this was like meeting a long lost tribe member!

PS if you want to uplevel your voice - download the free Transform Your Voice PDF


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E003 - Liberate a stuck speaking or singing voice (set your voice free)

vocal liberation Jan 17, 2020

Quickly overcome problems with your speaking and singing voice. If you're one of those people who think you have a bad voice, or are afraid to speak or sing in front of people, this video is for you.
We’ll look at:

- how this part of your body got blocked in the first place
- what you can do about it
- let your voice become a powerful asset - one that you can feel proud about and love

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Guardian article: "Joining a choir helped me combat anxiety and find a meditative state of pure joy"

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E002 - Every person is a creative genius (interview w Bridget Quigg)

vocal liberation Jan 10, 2020

Hey friend!

In this video I interview the wonderful Bridget Quigg.

She's an event host, writer and musician who leads groups in learning to access deep resources of creativity and play. Like me, she also gets people to sing en masse.

There's a lot here. If you want to increase creativity and playfulness in your life, and even level it up to meet your intuition, Bridget is your person.

Here's her website.

PS don't forget to level up your voice with the free Transform Your Voice PDF


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E001 - Set your voice free by humming (and meditate by singing!)

In this video, I investigate how to set your beautiful voice free by humming.

You’ll quickly discover a daily practice where you meditate and sing at the same time. Tremendously convenient for a busy person like you!

We'll look at your voice blocks, and ways to transform your voice into one that you'll love.

We'll also look at Bhramari Pranayama and some of the scientific investigation into the effectiveness of humming to down-regulate the nervous system.

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Nepal Medical College: “Immediate Effect of a Slow Pace Breathing Exercise Bhramari Pranayama on Blood Pressure and Heart Rate.”

Eddie Weitzberg and Jon O. N. Lundberg, “Humming Greatly Increases Nasal Nitric Oxide” American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 166, no. 2 (2002): 144–45.

M. K. Taneja, “Bhramari (Shanmukhi Mudra) Pranayama in presbyacusis and dementia,” Indian Journal of Otology 22...

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