At Radiant Circle evenings we get together and sing a curated mix of modern and traditional songs, chosen to raise consciousness and enhance heart-based awareness. It can also be described as a contemporary take on Kirtan Music.

And don’t worry if you feel you can’t sing, that’s not the point. Here, all voices are welcome, and we can experiment with being spontaneous and creative, while giving up fear, shame and self-consciousness. It’s all about connecting with our inner 6-year-old and tapping into the freedom and confidence that brings, so that we can journey to meaningful places within ourselves. In a safe space non-singers can learn to sing in-key very quickly.

Bring your sense of adventure as we move past excellence and explore a more authentic, creative and free relationship with our voices and, if you want to bring them, your instruments. And if you’re feeling brave, you’re more than encouraged to sing a solo verse for the group.

Music has the potential to shift emotions and take us to extraordinary places. Our aim is to reach those transcendent places through song, without resorting to (relying on) methods tied to dogma and belief systems. 

So come and join us and let’s see how deeply we can connect to ourselves and each other, while singing about love, loss and the fun bits in-between.

"I whole-heartedly encourage anyone drawn to the healing and transcendent qualities of sacred sound to explore Jeremy’s offering"

Writer and Yogi

"For me….Last week’s Mantra evening was a surprisingly beautiful experience ! A place to enter into a collective energy field to raise the consciousness through chanting with a group of lovely strangers…thus bringing one pointed attention to the ever present sacredness of the Now. I found myself just simply being …..and the minds chatter after awhile became calm with the mantra through the sound of one’s own voice…..mingled with all the other harmonics."


"A quieting and nourishing practice in intentional community. Jeremy’s beautiful rendition of the Heart Sutra and his deep knowledge of both music and healing create an accessible, integrated and safe space for all voices and spirits to soar."

Healer and Teacher

"I was definitely a little fearful, as I have never sung, and don’t like my speaking or singing voice. Jeremy explained that Mantra had nothing to to do with “voice” per se, which relaxed me into the little adventure ahead... a sense of expansion, and ultimately a sense of “returning” – I am still exploring what exactly that means, but as I keep practicing I feel a gentle joy – especially the day after the practice 🙏🏽"

Practitioner and Teacher


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