Radiant Music

High Frequency Music

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I have a deep love for creating music that evokes stillness, peace, or is a doorway to presence and 'waking up'.

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Before COVID I led groups in playful  'Vocal Liberation' workshops. Sometimes I lead these online. 

These are spaces where we gather together to free our expression, sing for pure enjoyment, and use our voices to become present.


I whole-heartedly encourage anyone drawn to the healing and transcendent qualities of sacred sound to explore Jeremy’s offering.

- Nicol, Writer and Yogi

A quieting and nourishing practice in intentional community. Jeremy’s beautiful rendition of the Heart Sutra and his deep knowledge of both music and healing create an accessible, integrated and safe space for all voices and spirits to soar.

- Emma, Healer and Teacher

Music Releases

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Ambient Vocal Music

As part of my ongoing Radiant Voices projects, from time to time I write music for group singing. The idea is deep feeling, presence while singing.

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I released an ambient electronica version of the Heart Sutra in 2020. I have also created versions of other well known mantras like the Shiva Mantra.

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This Conscious dance music track is a  collaboration with DJ/producer Sadhu Sensi and wisdom teacher Loch Kelly

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For me… Last week’s Mantra evening was a surprisingly beautiful experience! A place to enter into a collective energy field to raise the consciousness through chanting with a group of lovely strangers thus bringing one pointed attention to the ever present sacredness of the Now. I found myself just simply being... and the minds chatter after awhile became calm with the mantra through the sound of one’s own voice... mingled with all the other harmonics.

- Desi, Healer

I was definitely a little fearful, as I have never sung, and don’t like my speaking or singing voice. Jeremy explained that Mantra had nothing to do with “voice” per se, which relaxed me into the little adventure ahead... a sense of expansion, and ultimately a sense of “returning” – I am still exploring what exactly that means, but as I keep practicing I feel a gentle joy – especially the day after the practice.

- Fi, Practitioner and Teacher