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"Over the years, I have come to see just how much many of us struggle to express ourselves vocally. If this was limited to a lack of confidence in our ability to sing in front of others, that would be sad. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

If we go deeper than this, we begin to see the, often devastating, consequences of the inability to express ourselves fully and appropriately in relationships. Without it, we cannot give expression to our needs nor can we set appropriate boundaries, and without these abilities, our relationships become unfulfilling at best, and toxic and abusive at worst.

Add to this the endless numbers of us who are struggling to speak up at work. We end up feeling deeply frustrated and often lose confidence and eventually we may even become depressed.

It has become clear to me that it is vitally important for us to be able to express ourselves – powerfully, appropriately, and freely in life - and Jeremy is superb at helping people do exactly that.

Besides his obvious talent, part of Jeremy’s secret is that he works with people at many levels – body, mind, emotion, heart, and presence – as is appropriate with each person in turn. I am deeply impressed by his skill, his dedication, and his integrity.

Awaken Your Radiant Voice is a rare gem, a gem that will enable you to express yourself in a way that has the potential to dramatically improve your life. The tools and the understanding are all there. The rest is up to you."

Bill Petrie
Clinical Psychologist, Transformational Coach, and Mentor