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"I put myself in Jeremy’s program because I was tired of feeling so miserably self-conscious on Zoom or any other video - or even the moment a camera was pointed in my general direction. I was the kind of person who would say something in a group and then second-guess myself for hours afterwards.   

Jeremy’s program helped me a lot. I wasn’t disappointed. One startlingly notable quality of Jeremy’s teaching is his extraordinary ability to create a safe space. I don’t recall ever seeing someone be so patient, kind and accepting of each person’s feelings or state of being and yet still find a way to open up the next opportunity for growth and invite the person forward. That quality of safety really helps a lot. In that safe space I was able to set a new normal for myself. That’s something that has stuck with me since and I haven't slipped back.   

Being in a group of people wanting to achieve the same kind of outcome was a huge benefit too. That provided really good practice in trusting that others are wanting you to win, making kind interpretations of your efforts.  In various Zoom groups now, I find myself having a far clearer sense of discernment about what is actually happening, versus what I fear might be going on.   

I would encourage anyone considering Jeremy’s program to go for it. Show up and do the homework, be in the groups live and get a lot more freedom to be you."

Brenda Scarborough, brendascarborough.com