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"Jeremy has this wonderful calm presence to him that helps to create an amazingly safe container for sharing and playing with the voice. He is authentic and gentle in his nature and wise in his words and experiences. I learned a lot about how trauma affects the voice and through some gentle exploration and inner reflections, was able to see how my own trauma through the years had quite literally shut me down, to where I no longer felt safe to use my own voice.

Jeremy’s course was a wonderful experience that helped to loosen that trauma noose from around my neck, and gave me the courage to step up and show up. Since taking his course I have been able to come out of hiding behind my own painful self-consciousness and into becoming more visible. I am now actively engaging in social media platforms for my business that put me in the spotlight with videos and even teaching my own online classes with my business. This never would have been possible before. 

If you are ready to break the chains and declare "No More!” to playing small, I highly recommend Jeremy and his offerings! Thank you Jeremy!"

Dayle Lauren - RPN, ADs, QTTP, CHMC