"Awaken Your Radiant Voice, an online course designed and presented by Jeremy de Tolly has been a very helpful tool for my healing journey. There are so many incredible aspects to share as this course has a number of tools taught and several resources shared, however it may well be the safe and caring atmosphere Jeremy creates and provides in this incredibly powerful group setting that proves the biggest catalyst for change, healing and transformation.

Here I found a group of individuals, strong and kindly, being vulnerable and sharing their challenges of speaking. Seemingly coming from all walks of life and from around the world.

We tend to share various similar experiences among us. Although some different and/or in variant degrees of intensity, we shared a plight and deep understanding of our problem to speak, speak up or speak out.

I am not alone. My problem is not miniscule. The challenge is real and there are physical aspects to the condition. There is hope. There are ways to address the problems of speaking. I have complex post traumatic stress disorder with a multitude of various symptoms. Issues with my voice is just one. Practices to help this symptom is warranted.

Jeremy always genuinely and gently responded to communication of concerns proving to hear me well and treated me as an individual needing to go at my pace, as slow as it may be, and recognizing the baby step achievements along the way. I find myself, time and time again, humming and “singing” out loud, (albeit alone) as I learn to relax the tightly stressed vocal cords. Smiling more along the healing journey.

Jeremy, thank you for continuing the support for your alumni and newbies as they join in the group."

Marilyn, Toronto