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"Jeremy and the Radiant Voice course corrected mistaken notions I had about my voice: I was not smart enough to express myself; I believed that being flustered in front of other people whether in person or online meant I shouldn’t speak. Jeremy was transparent about issues he has dealt with when it came to his own voice. He understood how fear interfered with making meaningful contributions to a group and how the healing process is lengthy, not quick. I witnessed Jeremy working skilfully with others and experienced the effectiveness of his calm reassurance myself.

After taking the class, I no longer feel so alone and have many tips and tricks to use to calm down my nervous system. I find it hard to put my finger on exactly what Jeremy taught us in class that slowed down and for the most part eliminated the reluctance I experienced about speaking in front of people.

I can say with assurance that my first response now when given an opportunity to speak is to give it my best shot. I speak even though my voice quality is not as clear as I would want. I now know that as a retired psychotherapist and writer, I have a unique perspective to contribute to the world and that it is important that I do so."

Nicky Mendenhall