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"As a multi-modality energy healer and ceremony facilitator who works within the paradigm of trauma informed care, I signed up for Jeremy's 'Awaken Your Radiant Voice' course with enthusiasm. Even still, I had no idea just how transformative the experience would be and how many unconscious and subconscious blocks his expert guidance would uncover and help me to heal.

Jeremy meets each individual student where they are on their own journey - personally and professionally - and is equally adept at guiding his group classes with grace and joy toward a deep understanding of how trauma (especially childhood traumas) affect our voices and our willingness (or unwillingness) to use them with confidence and clarity. He also does an amazing job of demonstrating how these voice blocks effect everyone and provides easy and effective tools to break through even the most stubborn or long-standing issues.

I cannot thank Jeremy enough for having the vision and courage to bring this class into being. Working with Jeremy will bring you the peace and the courage needed to honor your voice and what you bring to the world. Invest in yourself - you are worth it!"

Stacy Mitchell, honoryourvoice.com