Here are just a few testimonials from students from my courses, workshops and private sessions with me.

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There have been such massive healings and breakthroughs for me along the way, with generous grace in the courteously kind, supportive and compassionate space that you hold. You really are a great teacher and healer. With deep gratitude.

- Stuart Barnes, CEO Escalate Coaching

What People are Saying

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"I had a huge phobia of public speaking, where every time I would present something, I would just feel completely blocked in my throat, and overwhelmed by these strong emotions. So with the work with Jeremy, I was really able to work through it and now I'm able to  leave my fear behind and now really share my voice online on a bigger scale. I can only recommend working with Jeremy."

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"I started working with Jeremy because my voice and self expression have been shut down since I was 15 years old. I quickly learned to understand the emotional & energetic blockages that affect my self-expression, and techniques to unblock and train my voice. It led me to a deeper awareness of myself and I feel more confident in both speaking and singing."

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"With Jeremy, I learned better techniques for the authentic expression of my voice, and use my body to speak with confidence and power. It permitted me to take ownership of my voice, trusting it, allowing to lead me during uncomfortable situations in life."

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"The problems that I had with my voice is that I didn't have a voice or I didn't believe I had a voice. Now I feel more confident to show up as I am. I can actually just take a deep breath, gain my momentum and just express what I need to say."


See How Past Pupils Have Changed

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"The changes that I noticed in my voice during and after was that I now speak up and out and I'm comfortable doing it. I don't doubt myself the way I used to. I'm comfortable speaking up or taking up space in places where maybe before I would have drawn back. Including starting my podcast!"

"I've noticed so many changes in my voice during and after Awaken Your Radiant Voice. I’ve noticed how my actual vocal muscles are strengthening and developing a richness which is really enjoyable to work with in terms of expressing myself. The shift in what's just pouring out of me is remarkable."


"My confidence through the course grew and gave me the courage to just say it like it is. Would I recommend Awaken Your Radiant Voice for someone with the vocal blocks? Definitely. Without a doubt. I think it's beautiful."

"I've been going to singing lessons, but still, my throat was tight, I felt nervous and I knew that my issues were deeper than just doing scales. And I needed, my soul craved to have a more spiritual focus, because I believe spirituality is very intrinsically linked with the voice and that's why I was very, very interested when I came across your work and even up until the last minute, I was very like, oh, should I or shouldn't I? I mean, I don't even have a job right now, but I was like, fuck it. Why not? You know what, it's fine. It's absolutely fine, I'll be poor and then this will enrich me and who knows what will happen? And it did!"


Testimonial – Tasha Blank

Even though I'd dabbled in singing, studied with different voice teachers and even released an album - I didn't feel comfortable with my voice or confident as a singer. I still didn't even think of myself as a singer.

Working with Jeremy revealed the hidden blocks that my work with other vocal coaches hadn't even touched, and then rippled out into other areas of my life, and totally supported me in putting my voice into the world with my most successful business launch ever!

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Work One-on-One with Jeremy

Do the deep work of exploring and releasing your expression blocks in powerful one on one sessions with Jeremy. Find your radiant speaking and singing voice!

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Join Jeremy's Signature Online Course

Find out more about Jeremy's signature 7-week course focused on releasing expression blocks and helping you discover your confident, radiant voice.

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“ I really enjoyed the course and found it extremely valuable. It is powerful and life changing!

The course provided me with well rounded resources for me to take my healing practice into a whole other level. While being profound evolutionary work, Jeremy managed to keep it fun and lighthearted throughout. I feel I finally learned how to drive my voice and now I have a lifetime to get anywhere I desire. I never expected to perceive my voice as such an amazing and beautiful resource to accomplish my dreams.”