into a source of power, confidence, connection and joy

right now

And stop feeling embarrassed, blocked or shut down
when you speak or sing


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You’re a smart, soulful and evolving person but your voice is stuck representing a less-than-ideal version of you and...

You're on a profound internal journey and you know that you can have a voice that you love.

You're aware that your voice affects your relationship health, success at work, creative expression, social confidence and even self-love.

You'd love to include singing as part of your meditation, self-care and spiritual practice.

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Even if you're confident speaking in front of a few people, or have an ok-ish singing voice,  empowering and liberating your voice can:

  • Improve your relationships
    With a liberated voice you feel empowered to ask for what you want (and then have the chance of getting it)! You can also say no clearly - have boundaries - but express them with kindness. You can stay in an argument, say how you feel, without the need to reintroduce past woundings in the process. Evolving your voice means you can learn to be grounded and speak from the heart, creating long term connection and trust.
  • Increase your financial flow
    Your liberated voice is an asset for in business and the workplace. Actually - unblocking your voice may be one of the biggest factors in your success. It's really hard to succeed when parts of you still want to run and hide! People will be able to feel your authenticity, heart and connection when you speak, amplifying your ‘know, like and trust factor’. This often leads people to come back to you for work again and again. It will improve your effectiveness when working with groups. And will even be more confident in front of crowds. The world isn’t served by you staying small!
  • Improve your wellbeing and spiritual life
    Connecting your voice to your spiritual life means having a daily practice that aligns you to your best self. Singing meditations reduce stress, increase consciousness and are a potent healing practice. All of these practices improve 'vagal tone', which allows us to feel more grounded, confident, at peace, and even joyful.
  • Bring a whole lot of joy into your life
    Remember when you were a little kid, and you sang and danced just for fun? What emotion accompanied that? JOY of course. So what disappeared when you stopped singing? Joy and spontaneity. So when you heal your singing voice, good feeling follow!
  • Give you the confidence to speak and sing in front of groups of people
    Whether it’s speaking with power and confidence on stage or the internet, or singing around the fire or in a yoga studio - something special happens when you have the confidence to express yourself in front of people. It’s a powerful statement of confidence & vulnerability - people really get to SEE YOU. It’s a beautiful gift to others, and a big factor in developing relationships, trust and connection...

Even though the reasons to liberate your voice are obvious, the path to doing it successfully is anything but


Free my voice? Sounds amazing!

But where do I even start?

The thing is, you can study public speaking, try to speak with more authenticity and confidence, and push yourself to speak more in front of groups... and you can start singing more in the shower, join a choir, search Youtube for “how to sing” videos... 

But because you haven't dealt with the underlying issue - your self expression blocks - your voice will tighten, and your confidence, warmth and spontaneity will be undermined by a tight, anxious feeling in your belly.

And if you’re not sure how to sing in tune - feeling relaxed and confident - no amount of Youtubing will solve that.

The number one thing a blocked voice needs is a SAFE, HEALING SPACE. Vocal blocks are little bits of conditioning or trauma that need to be met and released.

The second thing you need is a ROADMAP - a step by step plan for overcoming your vocal blocks and then building a strong, beautiful voice from the ground up.

"I just don't have a great voice"
Most of us grow up believing that we’re stuck with our voice as it is. And that confident speaking and singing in front of people is for stars and talented people. But we secretly desire to have the freedom and confidence to express ourselves without being afraid and self-conscious.

It makes no sense to go through the rest of our lives playing small in front of others! It makes no sense when we could be shining, sharing the best of ourselves and letting everyone know how quirky, unique and wonderful we are instead.

Your voice is your key to connection
I was told an ancient spiritual maxim by my first spiritual teacher - "As the wound, so is the gift". In other words, wherever you're wounded and weak, lies your greatest opportunity. Or as Thomas Hübl says "what appears to be in the way, is the way".

If you're willing to face your self-expression wounding head-on, and show up consistently to heal and develop your voice - you can completely change your life.

Imagine being able to communicate with power, clarity and heart in your relationships and work... in a way that people could feel and resonate with.

Imagine being able to sing your heart out - share your beautiful humanness through your voice - to friends and family, or even to groups of people live and online.

A lot of singing and speaking is done with excellence, but no heart. Be one of the few who knows how to express you voice from your entire body, with authenticity, realness and love.

The 5 mindset upgrades you need to make right now to enjoy vocal freedom and avoid staying stuck

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My voice is imperfect, and that's awesome

If you're going to express yourself freely, you're going to have to make a lot of mistakes, and sound ugly. To have a free voice is to embrace making mistakes in front of people, embarrassing yourself, and gradually learning that it's safe and OK for you to be imperfect in front of others.

And guess what? As you set yourself free and open up, you empower and inspire others to do the same.

When you liberate your voice, you give yourself permission to be human, faulty, imperfect - and love yourself all the more for it.

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It's a gift to share my vulnerability

A liberated voice is also an authentic voice (which is really just a fancy word for being real). You become willing to express your fear, uncertainty, and your messy emotions not just with those you are close to, but with bigger groups. The paradox is that this makes you safer, and best of all, more lovable and relatable.
The 'safest' way to stand up in front of people is to let them see you for real... Share your fear and discomfort; express yourself in an authentic, grounded and heart-based way.

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My vocal blocks can be cleared, forever

There are so many reasons a voice gets stuck. Sometimes it's as simple as siblings or teachers saying you can't sing. Teasing and bullying at school can 'condition' you into trying to disappear in group environments, even giving you a very traumatised response to being in front of crowds. Our parents unconsciously teach us a lot about how and when to speak - sometimes violently enforcing their viewpoints. Sexual trauma, relationship issues, developmental wounding... All of this has consequences that we now live with. Most people can remember specific moments when their voice got shut down.

And guess what - for every traumatic event, there's a way to clear that trauma.

So the fear can go. The "I can't sing" can turn into a beautiful, clear, empowered voice.

The fear of standing out and being seen can transform into bravery, confidence, vulnerability, authenticity in front of an audience or in meetings at work.

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Singing is an act of joy

Singing isn't something "you're bad at". It's a natural gift that you lost access to. It isn't something you need to be good at either, it's something you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

Modern neuroscience backs this up - group singing is so good for us that it increases heart rate variability and tones our dorsal vagal system. This means - a whole lot of joy and a sense of connection are yours when you sing with others.

Want to feel happier every day? Sing.

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You're on a lifelong journey with your voice

Voice affects everything: Unexpressed emotions stuck in the body are like energy-poison. A blocked voice stops us from expressing our best selves in the world and keeps us staying 'safe' and acting small.

Want to change that?

It begins with showing up. It needs structure and commitment. It needs a plan.

The rewards - evolving your voice is one of the greatest ways to liberate creative, powerful self-expression, and a direct path to community and joy.

Why liberating your voice may be one the most important things you can do...

It matters that your voice is heard. You have special gifts that the world would be a better place for hearing. You have unique contributions that you’d love to share. You also know that somewhere inside there’s a call to express yourself more powerfully, fearlessly, beautifully out in the world.

And if you’re not going to stay quiet OR add to the noise, a deeper, more authentic and real voice is going to need to emerge from out of the blocks that have been holding you back.

You know that you need a process around you to achieve that - otherwise you’ll stay like most people - stuck.

Are you ready to contribute more on the world stage?

Are you ready to do it soon?

I’d love to show you a roadmap of how to get there...

Cindy Brandon - Marvelous Mondays Podast

"I would definitely, definitely, definitely recommend Awaken Your Radiant Voice. The program is amazing, the tools are amazing but I think it wouldn't be what it is without Jeremy. He's really present, really engaged. He really participates in the process. And you could tell that he really cares about people and he really cares about you as a individual. So I definitely, definitely would recommend the program. I can really see a difference in the way that I present myself to the world."


Aryn Guiney - Heart-centered copywriter and TRE® provider

"I've noticed so many changes in my voice during and after Awaken Your Radiant Voice. I’ve noticed how my actual vocal muscles are strengthening and developing a richness which is really enjoyable to work with in terms of expressing myself. The shift in what's just pouring out of me is remarkable. A big change that I've noticed in my confidence is speaking up about things, my needs, issues that maybe I would have just kept quiet about before and would have remained and niggled for years and just being more out there in every way – and a brighter version of who I am and what I stand for. And what I want, and what I want to see in the world!"

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Ilja Simon - Music Producer and Entrepreneur

I started working with Jeremy because of two major issues - my voice and self-expression, that have affected me since I was 15 years old.
First, I always wanted to be able to sing in tune, which was beyond my abilities as far back as I can remember. Second and more importantly, I realised that my ability for self-expression decreases dramatically in situations where I get emotionally negatively affected, which leads to a feeling of being disempowered.

With Jeremy I learned quickly to understand how/which emotional & energetic blockages affect my self-expression and techniques to unblock and train my voice. It led me to a deeper awareness of myself and I feel more confident in both speaking and singing.




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The nine-week online course aimed at a total transformation of your voice.

Coaching your voice into a source of power, confidence, connection and joy.

Introducing Your Facilitator - Jeremy de Tolly

I've take all that I've learned from 30 years of performing on stages across the world and combined it with my committed spiritual, psychological and trauma-informed practice as a healer, teacher and student.

As a transformation coach, advanced TRE® trauma therapist, and vocal healer - I know how to compassionately and gently face and treat the self-expression blocks that have been holding you back.

As a singer and music producer who has performed to hundreds of thousands of people on big and small stages across the world, I know exactly what is involved in learning to feel safe - and then confident - when faced by large groups of people.

My students learn to feel safe and confident expressing their truth. In fact, they become excited about moving out into the world with confidence.

As my students will tell you - almost every one discovers that they can sing in tune very soon after we start working together. Then the work of finessing begins.


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Big stages

In my rock and roll past life I shared stages with bands like Snow Patrol, Oasis and others, I know the fear that grips you in front of big crowds very well, and I know how to overcome it. That's me on the left!

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Workshops around the world

I've led groups in liberating their voices on every continent aside from Australia. At least I think it's a continent. Anyhoo. This is my calling, and I'm here to help you find your most powerful, authentic, beautiful voice.

Awaken Your Radiant Voice is the ONLY program of its kind that…

1. Addresses the deeper reasons why your voice shut down and why you feel anxious in front of groups of people
2. Has at its foundation a spiritual or consciousness focus - so this work is about self-expression, but also 'waking up', meditating and ultimately using your voice as service to the world.
3. Is embodiment-focused and trauma-informed. The reasons why your voice shut down are deep. This course humbly and gently acknowledges this, and accompanies you on your healing journey. 
4. Is based on moving past conventional ideas of having a 'perfect voice' and rather focused on the joy of singing
5. Utilises the methods of speech-level singing and speaking coaches like Seth Riggs, Brett Manning and Roger Love but takes them deeper.

So if you’re ready to finally have a powerful, beautiful, authentic voice that you love...

Here's how we'll help you get there:

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9 Weeks • 7 modules • 47 lessons • Downloads • Resource Libraries • Bonuses • In-browser or In-app • Live Trainings & Workshops • Love

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Module 1: Out with the Old

We investigate the foundations you need in order to speak and sing with confidence for the rest of your life. Correct breath, posture and the daily practices to create confidence and healing in your voice. We also investigate how self-expression worked in your family when you were growing up, in order to look at the patterns you learned as a child.

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Module 2: In with the New

In this module we begin to replace old vocal patterns with playful new ones, and stretch the voice into meeting its full capacity. We give you more tools to up-level your relationship with your voice. We also meet specific wounding events that have blocked your voice.

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Module 3: In Tune With The World

Here's how we re-teach you how to be in tune – when both with singing and speaking with others. By helping you 'attune' with to your natural ability to feel in tune in your body, you can begin to find deep confidence in your voice again. We'll also look at how to assist your nervous system to find a sense of calm, relaxed balance. 

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Module 4 - A Voice You Can Trust

In this module we start really building strength and dexterity in the voice. We will deepen our understanding of being in tune, and develop the capacity for balanced awareness and the ability to communicate from the heart. You will also get to know your singing range - where your voice fits into the scheme of things, and therefore how to look after it.

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Module 5 - Your Song

Here we really deep dive into developing confidence in singing. You'll look at how to choose the right songs to suit your voice, and how to survive and thrive at singing Happy Birthday and being prepared for karaoke! There are tricks to this, and you need never fear these occasions again. We also investigate your self-image and learn how to release perfectionism.

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Module 6 - Opening Up to the World

In this module we really investigate your relationship with other humans, and seek to release the fears that cause us to shy away from being ourselves - and speaking and singing in front of or with others. It also contains lots of tutorials on how to speak or sing in public - either via the internet or on stages. A huge proportion of fear around these environments is unfamiliarity and the unknown. In this module we get you super prepared to ‘hit a high note’ every time.

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Module 7 - Voice and Spirit

Throughout this course we've sought to connect singing to meditation, awakening and presence, and in this final module we go deep into voice as a spiritual and meditative practice. We also look at the importance of each of us developing the confidence to stand out in the world - and have the courage to call for change wherever we are. We also look at how to use our emerging power-voices to help the billions of others with stuck voices.

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Bonus - Liberate Your Online Voice

This is a deep and detailed workshop focused on freeing your voice online. It looks at your total online presence, including social media, website, internet video and releasing regular online content. And then answers how to overcome blocks and uplevel your online presence, so that you effectively show up in this essential domain.


A quick note about class times and time requirements!

Many of you have asked for more info:  course modules are released every Thursday. We meet 6 days later (on Wednesday) each week for an hour.

Group classes: The group work is very powerful, and you can do by attending live or watching later (which also works fine). There are two time slots for this – 11am & 1pm EDT on Wednesdays.

Self-directed: Course modules have 5-7 lessons, a total of about approx 1 hour of watch time per module, each week. The material is 'concentrated' but focused. This is worth doing soon after module release, or at the weekend.

Self-directed: Doing the daily practices takes about 10-30 mins per day, depending on how hard you want to work. I have students take the course at very different paces – some are working single moms, for example, and so they aren't time-abundant. Some have more time. With lifetime access I really ask everyone to do what is doable – and not turn the course into another 'should do' or source of stress. The process is designed to work either way.

There is optional Facebook group work from time to time - all designed to stretch and grow confidence and safety in self- expression. Also recommended, but do what you can. All students on the course have times when their lives get busy and so they participate a bit less, but they usually jump back in as soon as they can. Self-regulate and be kind to yourself! This isn't school - this is an act of healing, self-love and JOY!

Basically - the course is realistic about the human lives we all live, but a very focused 9 weeks at the same time.

Much love,

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Money Back Guarantee

We believe this is the finest program of its kind in this dimension, so we're backing it with a full money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the program, we offer a 14-day money back guarantee. The 14 days commence from Thursday 15th October 2020, so you will have two modules to make sure the program is the right fit for you.

In order to qualify for a refund you must submit proof that you did the work in the course and it did not work for you. Please see the course terms for a full description of refund terms. 


Barbara Paver - Teacher & Writer

"The problems that I had with my voice is that I didn't have a voice or I didn't believe I had a voice. Now I feel more confident with my voice and I'm actually starting to love the sound of my voice. The changes that I've noticed is the confidence to show up as I am. The confidence to be comfortable if I blurt or I make a mistake when speaking. That I don't feel flustered. I can actually just take a deep breath, gain my momentum and just express what I need to say. I think it definitely would help anyone, even in a senior position to just find their confidence in speaking to a broader audience and it would enhance people to just really say what they mean. "

Ze - Musician & Artist

"I've been going to singing lessons, but still, my throat was tight, I felt nervous and I knew that my issues were deeper than just doing scales. And I needed, my soul craved to have a more spiritual focus, because I believe spirituality is very intrinsically linked with the voice and that's why I was very, very interested when I came across your work and even up until the last minute, I was very like, oh, should I or shouldn't I? I mean, I don't even have a job right now, but I was like, fuck it. Why not? You know what, it's fine. It's absolutely fine, I'll be poor and then this will enrich me and who knows what will happen? And it did!"


Chimmy Anderson

"Would I recommend Awaken Your Radiant Voice as a course for someone with the vocal blocks? Definitely. Without a doubt. I think it's beautiful. Thank you. Jeremy as a teacher holds a very important space for people to connect to what's true for them. What I love about the way he teaches is there's no threat, fear and control whatsoever. He relaxes the people in the class immediately. And he opens the space for authenticity and gives complete permission for that. He absolutely, spoken and unspoken, gives full permission for the integrity and the intelligence of the person participating in the course to come through. That's worth millions."

A prayer
May all voices be liberated
May they express truth and happiness
May they share the wonder of their uniqueness, together
May we heal the world, together
May we be at peace