E005 - No filter: an experiment with unconditioned voice

Jan 31, 2020

Hi loves,

This vlog was a total experiment. The backstory is that producing weekly video content takes a lot of time. And I knew I needed to change the way I was doing it. So this episode happened by accident. I asked myself what would happen if I just spoke from the heart with no script.

When I went to the camera I thought I was doing a quick test. I got there, breathed and suddenly knew I was going to just let it happen in real-time, with no fixed destination.

As you can see in the video, fear arose.

But deep inner quiet and spaciousness surrounded that fear. It also felt like a loving act to pitch up and be present and vulnerable.

The end of the story is that while my first video took me 6 days to complete, this one took an hour including editing. Hallelujah!

This blog is about empowered, free self-expression. It's about taking risks and building the courage to emerge into the world as your powerful, free and beautiful self. It's about being unsure, a little bit clueless and doing it anyway. 

I have no idea how this episode will land and would LOVE your feedback!

Much love,