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E038 - 5 Gifts for Your Voice

I'm my own harshest critic.

I underestimate the value of a well-chosen environment. I know just how to undermine my innate sense of power. I seem to be working against self-emancipation, and often lapse into autopilot – dimly aware of the life force draining out of me.

Do any of the above ring discordantly true for you? You're not alone, but you're in luck. Why? Well, aside from being in this together, any of the following golden five vocal gifts are just a conscious sigh away. These five gifts are ready opportunities for immediate vocal enjoyment, and, over time, more fundamental well-being.

So, if you could use a ready toolkit for good vibrations, watch this episode, read the blog below and unwrap Five Gifts for Your Voice!


During the course of our daily experience, we can feel drained, tense, enfeebled, or trapped. Unfortunately, rather than take that good medicine our soul is craving, we tend to...

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