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E033 - About Awaken Your Radiant Voice

Awaken Your Radiant Voice is my 9 week signature online course for liberating voices. If you're curious about what and how I teach, and what it can do for your voice, enjoy the blog or watch the episode!

So in this video, I'm going to be diving a little deep into Awaken Your Radiant Voice, the beautiful nine week online course that I facilitate.

Now before you run for the hills, I'm going to make this kind of interesting, and I really want to just talk from my heart about what this course is, what it does, and why I love teaching it.

So I'm just going to make a bold claim here: what it aims to do is change the course of a person's life through their voice, through unblocking their voice. Now you know it's incredible the degree to which our voices determine what happens in our lives –  when we go to a party, or when we're in a work meeting, or whether we show up in the world being willing to say, "Hey, this is what I do, this is what I care...

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E012 - Boost Your Voice Online - Unblock Your Throat Chakra

radiant voices Apr 17, 2020

Hello dear friend. 

It’s great to be sharing with you again and in this episode we're going to investigate how a blocked Throat Chakra affects you in the online world, or how it could prevent you from having an effective and fun online presence. 

Watch the video or read the transcript below: 

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We're going to be investigating exactly what happens when you go online, let’s say… intending to communicate with people or advertise your business or just to express yourself and have fun but your throat chakra might block you from being your most empowered self. Simply put, it might shut you down. 

So, yeah, thank you very much for watching this. Hopefully you'll get a lot from it. Before we go any further, if you're into this kind of content please subscribe to the channel. You know I keep saying this in my videos and some of you lovelies keep ignoring me. Now I know you're watching this right now – I'm...

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E010 - How to unblock your throat chakra

radiant voices Apr 04, 2020

Hello, friend 

In today's episode we're going to be investigating the throat chakra, and more specifically, about how it is that one can go from having an open, clear beautiful voice as a young person, as a little child or baby, into emerging as an adult with blocks and the inability to sing and or speak with freedom.  Watch the video, or read about it in the blog, posted below: 

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Right. Let's go back to that little person. So how does a freely expressing child, baby or young person, who cries when they need to, and...

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E008 - How to sing in tune reliably, for the rest of your life

Hello friends

Welcome to another episode. In this episode I'll be delving deep into one very simple thing and that is how to sing in tune for the rest of your life, reliably.

Watch the video, or read about it in the blog, posted below:

So that's quite a big promise but I feel confident that in time we'll at least be able to lay out the groundwork you'd need to do to be able to do this for the rest of your life and I'm just going to begin by saying that, in my experience no one is tone deaf but it's just a little bit like some people got thrown out of the birthday party at age six or eight or twelve and stopped singing and stopped believing they could sing. Sometimes they got told they couldn't or shouldn't sing and it's a question of creating a safe space for them to rediscover this beautiful facility and develop trust in it for the rest of their lives.

Before we go any further I would love it if you would click Subscribe - if this kind of material about releasing voices and...

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E007 - Releasing voices and healing blocks

Hey Lovely Folk

So this is going to be another episode of unplanned, unscripted communication.

Watch the video, or read about it in the blog, posted below:

As you can see I'm sitting on a tropical island, it’s been raining a little bit, kind of windy and here we are.

I wanted to share with you a little bit about what it's like doing the work releasing voices, making music on this island; I'm down in the southeast at a place called The Sanctuary Thailand. A beautiful retreat venue. So, people come here to heal and detox - and sometimes retox - but really what I come here to do is run a workshop, which I'll be doing tomorrow for three days with my wonderful colleague Fiona Soma but I'm also doing one-on-ones and leading meditations and leading music evenings and it's pretty awesome. There's a lot of barefoot walking down sandy paths with Indian minor birds chirruping in there in the trees and then there's just the work really, and just to share what it's like, I'd love to...

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