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E026 - Listen to Ambient Music – Release Anxiety and feel Grounded

Welcome to you, to here to this channel, to this moment, to this exact moment, as we begin, let's just get feet on the ground, really feeling the lower halves of our bodies. Today, we are gonna talk about one of the greatest hacks for shifting the state of one's nervous system and getting out of feeling nervous or sad. And that is, using music to down regulate or up regulate your nervous system.

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I'm gonna say, before we go any further, please subscribe to this channel, click the bell. I will know it at some deep level that you've just done that and it'll give me this minute habit of dopamine and I'll be very glad. Thank you. Okay, so let's get into this. You will know that music shifts your state. But I think it's quite useful to do a deeper investigation into this, exactly what States does it create? Now for those of us who have a tendency to get into a bit of fight or flight, in other words, get this sympathetic nervous system activation...

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