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E021 - Tapping for Blocked Voices (Heal Your Voice)

tapping vocal liberation Jul 06, 2020

Welcome to the tapping for blocked voices tapping meditation. Vocal blocks are experienced not just in the mind, but in the body too. If you pay attention, you might feel a closing of your throat. Or you could have a lot of intensity in your solar plexus below your ribs, or a clenching stomach. Some describe pressure on the chest, or all of these symptoms and more.

Tapping helps us integrate the mind and body, and when used more deeply, can help us release long-held trauma.

Enjoy the Tapping video or read the blog below.


Blocked voices become this way, because at some point when they were little, children discover it’s very unsafe to speak. They may also discover that it’s unsafe to express their feelings, or to make a noise, or many find that being in front of crowds of people is very scary.

Tapping on these issues helps us be really present with the reactions that come up in mind and body, and give us an opportunity to create new possibilities. It even helps us...

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