How to Make Someone Stop Singing

authenticity freedom humanity radiant voices transform your voice trauma vocal liberation Sep 05, 2022

"Stop singing!" we yelled but we were laughing.

Dad chimed in, "It's awful!"

My mom used to sing a comical song to tease us: "When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along" by Doris Day.

The family would laugh and shout, and eventually she would stop singing. It was all rather jolly and playful.

That was literally the only singing that happened in my family. Once or twice a year.

We didn't sing in our family.

I've learned that children stop singing for all kinds of reasons. Mostly it gets 'shamed out of us".

And so I get really excited when I find examples of healthy singing cultures. Today I want to share some raw singing joy.

In South Africa, there's a rich, ancient culture of collective, communal singing. Watch Samthing Soweto lead a choir in this delicious medley. It's so yummy.