The Recovery of Lost Children

authenticity freedom heart radiant voices transform your voice vocal liberation Sep 05, 2022

"Children should be seen and not heard".

You might think it's a cliché, but when I'm working with blocked voices, these words come out all the time.

"My parents discouraged my emotions. I quickly learned that they disapproved if I was angry or emotional".

And so a child little by little chooses to hide how they feel.

Sometimes I like to say that this vocal liberation work is about the recovery of lost children.

One of the most fun things about doing the deep work – of going into old, painful memories, is that in the process of releasing them, joy can flower again. The lost inner child returns home. The hurt child is seen and soothed, and can get back up and return to playing again. She can recover her sense of ease in the world.

The spontaneous, goofy singing and dancing child can re-emerge, bold and ready to start again. It’s the most extraordinarily beautiful thing to witness in my work with my clients.

Where are the places where you'd like to express more of yourself or be more free? What would that look like for you?

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