What Did the Introvert Say?

authenticity freedom jeremy de tolly radiant voices radiant voices academy transform your voice vocal liberation Sep 05, 2022

“Inside of me is a powerful human being, who can’t quite release the words she wants to release”.

I hear this a lot.

Frustration, a sense of being blocked, “my thoughts won’t exit my mouth in an eloquent kind of way!”

I ask her about how she feels BEFORE going into a triggering situation (a social group, or talking in a meeting, or the dreaded ‘emotional clearing conversation’). She’s already afraid of what her voice is going to do, so she goes in doubly triggered and nervous, which makes it much worse.

“The minute there's pressure, I can’t hold the floor”.

Afterwards, she might say “I give up, why even bother”, or feel self-critical and wonder why she said that stupid thing. She’s angry with herself, but also “why does everyone talk over me”!?!

Let’s take a breath together.

This can be healed and overcome. She has a speaking block, and with the right combination of tools, she can learn to trust her voice and, speak with power – from the heart.

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