What Were Your First Words?

authenticity freedom heart radiant voices self-love transform your voice trauma vocal liberation Sep 05, 2022

I often think about our first words as babies... starting with 'gaaaaaa', then leveling up to 'ma' or 'dada'

We began as these beautiful, open little beings. And as our parents interacted with us, we learned the rules for communicating.

Hopefully they loved us, told us so, and we could feel their love!

But when we cried, how did our parents react?

Did your parents encourage the authentic expression of emotion?

In many family cultures, it's normal to suppress emotion. A child learns if it's not safe (or advisable) to cry or ask for help. Many children stop asking for help, and internalize their feelings.

I was one of those kids.

Some learn to withdraw. Others to be pleasers.

And some children learn to over-emote. They learn to use their voice forcefully to be heard, or defend themselves.

By the time we're seven or eight years old, we will have spent a lot of time learning the rules. Then we go off to school where we hardwire these patterns. By now this looks like our personality.

I don't believe that we are stuck like this for the rest of our lives.

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