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E007 - Releasing voices and healing blocks jeremy de tolly radiant voices transform your voice vocal liberation Feb 14, 2020

Hey Lovely Folk

So this is going to be another episode of unplanned, unscripted communication.

Watch the video, or read about it in the blog, posted below:

As you can see I'm sitting on a tropical island, it’s been raining a little bit, kind of windy and here we are.

I wanted to share with...

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E001 - Set your voice free by humming (and meditate by singing!) radiant voices academy transform your voice vocal liberation Jan 04, 2020

In this video, I investigate how to set your beautiful voice free by humming.

You’ll quickly discover a daily practice where you meditate and sing at the same time. Tremendously convenient for a busy person like you!

We'll look at your voice blocks, and ways to transform your voice into...

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